Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Very clear imperialism led by usa imperialism wants to go for the final kill move against the independence against imperialism and for socialism project that is Bolivarian Venezuela. They have and continue to conduct a slow motion Arab Sting on Venezuela by using a combination of covert operations and provocations, economic sabotage, killing off and attacking to destroy their closest global allies (Brazil, Libya, Syria, Zimbabwe/SADC etc) and to conduct a non stop propaganda campaign that has got even some sections of the western left selling out Venezuela when usually Latin America gets a massive pass and support whereas same people hate ever parallel country and people in Africa and Asia.

Our leadership and peoples in Venezuela has taken a bold and danger-littered move of basically developing dual power in Venezuela, the revolutionary power of the constituent assembly and the counter revolution supporting the old assembly. The usa has stepped in to put further sanctions on Comrade-President Maduro and have just ratcheted up there war rhetoric even more.

It looks like Venezuela is on the cusp of a major civil war between on the one hand the most radical socialist and anti imperialist forces which have brought gains of power to the poorest in he county and also supported similar in the region and across the world, and in the other hand we have global imperialism working with all talk allies and tools on the other hand. This could easily become a considerable open civil war, its no inevitable but imperialism will be looking to drown Venezuela in blood for it daring to stand up to imperialism for so long. Now is the time for our leadership in Venezuela and their regional and global allies to go all out, to really and frankly mobilise the masses to smash the counter revolution without any mercy whatsoever. Not doing so means it is likely the revolution and leadership of the country will be lost. The lessons of Iraq 2003, Libya and Syria 2011 are all very much relevant to all this.

We have already lost the Workers Party and Lula/Dilma in Brazil which was the start of the modern victories of the imperialist counter revolution. The danger of Venezuela coming to an end portends dangerously for the entire region and the global south, the end of our position in Venezuela will see imperialism hastening its control and revenge on our comrades and masses. We are in real danger right now.

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